Donating to Music Never Stops Foundataion

We provide an opportunity for individuals and corporations to give tax deductible donations so we may carry out our mission in awarding music education scholarships to selected applicants.

Cash Donations

Simple cash donations are accepted.

Music Instrument Donations

Music Never Stops Foundation seeks donations of used musical instruments that can be gifted and loaned to the recipients in our program and also sold to provide the necessary funding.  Donations by you of your used instruments are completely tax -deductible as a charitable donation to a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

We accept instruments of all shapes and sizes yet they must be in proper working condition. From violins, guitars, flutes to saxophones and pianos we will gladly accept the good instruments that are not being used in your home!

No instrument is too small or too large!  We are very interested in grand pianos and will take care of all moving costs!

Donation process

  • To donate your instrument, simply contact us with information about what you offer.
  • We will make arrangements to see the instrument and determine if it’s something we are interested in.
  • If we accept the instrument, we will provide a letter with our tax ID number, dated and signed by our president explaining that we received the instrument in present condition.  Our letter will also include the make, model and serial number of the donated instrument. 
  • In order to deduct value of the donation for tax purposes, donor will need to submit our letter and any appraisal documentation stating the instrument’s value at the time of donation to their tax preparer.